The Idea

After collaborating on several projects for our clients in NYC, we realized that there were more companies who were still using company-wide memos and stuffy presentations as the main vehicle for employee engagement...if they did anything at all. With that in mind we launched Arrella.

We want to make employee engagement meaningful and simple so HR professionals like you can maximize their employees' performance and happiness.

The Team

Andrew Richardson

Partner, Editing

Brian Tisza

Partner, Videography

Larry Mayberry

Partner, Production

Why Videos?

As you work to effectively on-board, train, equip and off-board employees, we work to make those processes simpler. Video content allows you to give your employees easy access to the tools they need in order to be fully compliant with your policies and procedures. 

Our custom videos are designed to engage your employees with the information you need them to have across a wide range of mediums. With our hosting service (included in every package), your employees will be able to access these videos from any device, anywhere in the world. 

If you're ready to take your employee engagement efforts to the next level, then Arrella is the partner for you.